Observer-based Event-triggered Circle Formation Control for Multi-agent Systems with Directed Topologies

Peng Xu; Guangming Xie; Jin Tao; Minyi Xu; 2019 Tenth International Conference on Intelligent Control and Information Processing (ICICIP), pp. 239-245.


This paper proposes an observer-based event-triggered algorithm for circle formation control problems of first-order multi-agent systems, where the communication topology is modeled by a spanning tree-based directed graph with limited resources. Depending on the trigger threshold of specific measurement error and compared with the norm of a function with states, we apply an event-triggered mechanism to reduce the updates frequency of the controller via observing continually neighbors' state. Sufficient conditions on desired circle formation are derived following the resulting asynchronous network executions converge to the equilibrium points. Both the analysis and numerical simulations show that Zeno behavior can be ruled out under the designed control laws.