Join us

Join us:

  • We are currently hiring motivated team members, including postgraduates students and visiting members.

  • We encourage students from mechanical, energy, computer, electrical, and automation majors to join our team and promote a multidisciplinary atmosphere where students from different majors are welcome to join the lab.

  • Applicants are advised to provide: 1.CV; 2.Summary of previous academic achievements and representative publications; 3.Envisioned future research work plan; 4.Letters of recommendation from experts.

  • Interested Applications for any position should be submitted directly to Prof. Xu by e-mail.

Team introduction:

  • Prof. Minyi Xu's team in the School of Marine Engineering of Dalian Maritime University is dedicated to the basic and applied research of nanogenerators in the field of ship and marine engineering. Recently, members of the team have designed various forms of energy harvesting devices based on friction nanogenerators to achieve efficient harvesting of wave energy [1], vibration energy [2], noise energy [3] and low-grade water energy [4]. In addition, self-driven wave sensors [5], ship water level sensors [6] and flow sensors [7] have been developed.

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