Underwater Biomimetic Lateral Line Sensor Based on Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Dynamic Pressure Monitoring and Trajectory Perception

Jianhua Liu, Peng Xu, Bo Liu, Ziyue Xi, Yuanzheng Li, Linan Guo, Tangzhen Guan, Peng Zhu, Zhaochen Meng, Siyuan Wang, Hao Wang, Minyi Xu; Small.


Developing desirable sensors is crucial for underwater perceptions and operations. The perceiving organs of marine creatures have greatly evolved to react accurately and promptly underwater. Inspired by the fish lateral line, this study proposes a triboelectric dynamic pressure sensor for underwater perception. The biomimetic lateral line sensor (BLLS) has high sensitivity to the disturbance amplitude/frequency, good adaptability to underwater environments and (relative) low cost. The sensors are deployed at the bottom of the test basin to perceive various moving objects, such as a robotic fish, robotic seal, etc. By analyzing the electrical signal of the sensor, the motion parameters of the objects passed over can be obtained. By monitoring signal variations across multiple sensors, the ability to sense different disturbance movement trajectories, including linear and angular trajectories, is achievable. The study will prove significant in forming an unconventional underwater perceiving method, which can back-up the sonic/optical sensors when are impaired in complex underwater environments.