Pull-Based Distributed Event-Triggered Circle Formation Control for Multi-Agent Systems with Directed Topologies

Xu, Peng, Hongfa Zhao, Guangming Xie, Jin Tao, and Minyi Xu; Applied Sciences 9, no. 23: 4995.


This paper investigates a circle formation control problem for multi-agent systems with directed topologies via pull-based distributed event-triggered control principles. Firstly, for scenarios of continuous communication, a pull-based distributed event-triggered principle is proposed. It is proved that if the communication topology is irreducible and has a directed spanning tree, the event-triggered coupling continuous communication can lead multiple agents to form a desired circle formation. Then, the results are extended to discontinuous communication scenarios, where all the agents use a model of their neighborhoods to generate self-triggered instants without monitoring continuously, update the local controller here, and if necessary, local broadcast information based on the adopted control inputs to neighboring agents. In addition, Zeno behavior can be excluded during the whole process. Finally, numerical simulation results are given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed circle formation control methods.