Observer-based event-triggered circle formation control for first- And second-order multiagent systems

Peng Xu, Guangming Xie, Jin Tao, Minyi Xu, Quan Zhou; Complexity, vol. 2020, Article ID 4715315, 12 pages.


This paper proposes an observer-based event-triggered algorithm to solve circle formation control problems for both first- and second-order multiagent systems, where the communication topology is modeled by a spanning tree-based directed graph with limited resources. In particular, the observation-based event-triggering mechanism is used to reduce the update frequency of the controller, and the triggering time depends on the norm of the state function and the trigger threshold of measurement errors. The analysis shows that sufficient conditions are established for achieving the desired circle formation, while there exists at least one agent for which the next interevent interval is strictly positive. Numerical simulations of both first- and second-order multiagent systems are also given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed control laws.