Multi-functional wind barrier based on triboelectric nanogenerator for power generation, self-powered wind speed sensing and highly efficient windshield

Yan Wang, Jianye Wang, Xiu Xiao, Siyuan Wang, Phan Trung Kien, Jiale Dong, Jianchun Mi, Xinxiang Pan, Hanfeng Wang, Minyi Xu; Nano Energy, Volume 73, 104736, ISSN 2211-2855.


The integration of traditional wind barriers and novel wind energy harvesters is highly desirable for the conversion of wind energy to electricity while protecting transportations from strong wind. In this work, a multi-functional wind barrier integrated by manifold triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) units is proposed and investigated. The TENG unit consists of two copper electrodes and one strip of fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) membrane whose two ends are fixed on a 3D printed channel. Based on the optimized structure of each TENG unit, a wind barrier is presently constructed by 66 TENG units connecting in parallel. It is found that the wind barrier can generate the output current and power of up to 440 and 26 mW at the wind speed of 10 m/s. It is also significant that the TENG-based wind barrier can harvest slipstream energy induced by passing vehicles. More importantly, the windshield efficiency of the TENG-based wind barrier is 35% higher than that of the traditional porous wind barrier, significantly improving the safety of transportations. In addition, each TENG unit of the wind barrier can work as a self-powered anemometer to monitor the condition of the wind barrier. Therefore, the present novel wind barrier has a great potential to apply for wind energy harvesting, self-powered wind speed sensing and highly efficient wind protection.