Highly-stretchable rope-like triboelectric nanogenerator for self-powered monitoring in marine structures

Cong Zhao, Dehua Liu, Yawei Wang, Zhiyuan Hu, Qiqi Zhang, Ziyi Zhang, Hao Wang, Taili Du, Yongjiu Zou, Haichao Yuan, Xinxiang Pan, Jianchun Mi, Minyi Xu; Nano Energy. 2022,Volume 94, 106926, ISSN 2211-2855.


Real-time monitoring in marine structures is vital to prevent maritime accidents. In this study, a highly-stretchable rope-like triboelectric nanogenerator (R-TENG) is proposed and investigated to monitor the mechanical loads of marine structures. The designed R-TENG is composed of outer latex tube and inner silicone rubber core. A series of experiments reveal that the voltage output of the R-TENG increases linearly with the strain in the elastic region of 140%. In addition, the R-TENG can also respond well to other mechanical stimuli such as bending and pressing. More importantly, the electrical output of the R-TENG can remain almost constant even under 93% humidity atmosphere. Finally, the R-TENG has been successfully demonstrated in monitoring the typical mechanical loads in marine structures, including stretching, colliding and bending. Therefore, this R-TENG can be utilized as an alternative sensor to realize the self-powered monitoring in marine structures.