Highly Integrated Triboelectric-Electromagnetic Wave Energy Harvester toward Self-Powered Marine Buoy

Chuanqing Zhu, Mengwei Wu, Chang Liu, Cheng Xiang, Ruijiang Xu, Hengyi Yang, Zhaoyang Wang, Ziyu Wang, Peng Xu, Fuzhen Xing, Hao Wang, Minyi Xu; Advanced Energy Materials.


This paper proposes a highly integrated triboelectric-electromagnetic wave energy harvester (TEWEH) that can efficiently collect wide-frequency wave energy and realize a self-powered marine buoy. The innovative design of a permanent magnet-polytetrafluoroethylene (PM-PTFE) ball ensures high integration between the magnetic material forming the electromagnetic generator (EMG) and the dielectric material forming the triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG). In the condition of swinging (1 Hz and ±30°), the output of the TENG component can reach 230.25 V, 1.34 µA, and the average output of the EMG is 2.30 V, 10.43 mA. Remarkably, even at an extremely low frequency (0.2 Hz), the TEWEH maintains exceptional output. The output power density of the TENG component and EMG component reach 13.77 W m−3 and 148.24 W m−3, respectively, which are much higher than in previous work. The TEWEH can quickly charge the 330 µF capacitor to a certain voltage, and then light up navigation mark lights and power thermometers. A sealed TEWEH with circuits works as a self-powered marine buoy that can transmit actual marine ambient temperatures to land. In conclusion, the TEWEH has broad application prospects in the field of wave energy harvesting and the self-powered marine Internet of Things.