High performance additional mass enhanced film structure triboelectric nanogenerator for scavenging vibration energy in broadband frequency range

Hongyong Yu, Ziyue Xi, Yiping Zhang, Ruijiang Xu, Cong Zhao, Yawei Wang, Xinyang Guo, Yue Huang, Jianchun Mi, Yejin Lin, Taili Du, Minyi Xu; Nano Energy.


It is highly desired to develop high performance vibration energy scavengers to power amounted and distributed sensors along with the era of Internet of Things. This study proposes a novel additional mass enhanced film structure triboelectric nanogenerator (AMF-TENG) for efficiently scavenging broadband vibration energy. The AMF-TENG is composed of an additional mass, a fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) film with a carbon electrode, and a conductive fabric fixed on a hollow frame. The additional mass can enhance the electrical output of the AMF-TENG by 25.5 times due to the vibration amplitude and contact forces between the FEP film and conductive fabric are greatly amplified. The utilization of a hollow frame makes the electrical output of AMF-TENG 150% higher than the enclosed frame. Theoretical analysis and experimental studies were carried out to investigate the design parameters. The experimental results indicate that the AMF-TENG shows good electrical performance in the broadband frequency range from 15 to 70 Hz. Under the vibration condition of 40 Hz and 30 m/s2, it can generate a maximum power density of 622.59 W/m3, which is higher than previous studies by 155.2%. Finally, the AMF-TENG is proven to power temperature and humidity sensors continuously under actual machine vibration. In brief, the AMF-TENG provides a new method for efficiently scavenging of vibration energy in the broadband frequency range.