Handbook of Triboelectric Nanogenerators

Editors: Zhong Lin Wang, Ya Yang, Junyi Zhai, Jie Wang. Living reference work; Springer.

About this book

This handbook comprehensively covers the rapidly evolving field of power generation using triboelectric nanogenerators. Since their emergence in 2012, triboelectric nanogenerators have experienced fast development both in fundamental science aspects and technological innovations resulting in a plethora of outstanding applications and commercial opportunities in e.g. micro-nano energy systems, self-powered sensors, blue energy, and high-voltage power sources.

The Handbook of Triboelectric Nanogenerators provides an indispensable overview of the state of the art in the field. It begins with a review of the physical and technological fundamentals and provides detailed coverage of triboelectric nanogenerators for cutting-edge applications from wearable electronics and medical implants to smart home sensing devices and human–machine interfacing. Edited and authored by active researchers in the field, the handbook offers a wealth of information for applied physicists and chemists, as well as materials scientists and engineers. In addition, mechanical and electronic engineers working in the fields of energy scavenging, power sources, and sensor-related application development will benefit greatly from the technical information presented in this groundbreaking reference work.