Deep Learning-Assisted Triboelectric Smart Mats for Personnel Comprehensive Monitoring toward Maritime Safety

Yan Wang, Zhiyuan Hu, Junpeng Wang, Xiangyu Liu, Qiongfeng Shi, Yawei Wang, Lin Qiao, Yahui Li, Hengyi Yang, Jianhua Liu, Leyan Zhou, Zhuoqing Yang, Chengkuo Lee, and Minyi Xu; ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2022.


Monitoring the crew of a ship can be performed by combining sensors and artificial intelligence methods to process sensing data. In this study, we developed a deep learning (DL)-assisted minimalist structure triboelectric smart mat system for obtaining abundant crew information without the privacy concerns of taking video. The smart mat system is fabricated using a conductive sponge with different filling rates and a fluorinated ethylene propylene membrane. The proposed dual-channel measurement method improves the stability of the generated signal. Comprehensive crew and cargo monitoring, including personnel and status identification, as well as positioning and counting functions are realized by the DL-assisted triboelectric smart mat system according to the analysis of instant sensory data. Real-time monitoring of crews through fixed and mobile devices improves the ability and efficiency of handling emergencies. The smart mat system provides privacy concerns and an effective way to build ship Internet of Things and ensure personnel safety.