Conical Helmholtz Resonator-Based Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Harvesting of Acoustic energy

Hongyong Yu; Taili Du; Hongfa Zhao; Qiqi Zhang; Ling Liu; Anaeli Elibariki Mtui; Yue Huang; Xiu Xiao; Minyi Xu; NEMS. 2021, pp. 1676-1679..


This paper present the conical Helmholtz resonator-based triboelectric nanogenerator (CH-TENG) designed for highly efficient harvesting of acoustic energy in various occasions. This CH-TENG consists of an acoustic collecting tube, a conical Helmholtz resonant cavity and an aluminum film with uniform distributed pinholes, and a dielectric soft film with one side ink-printed for electrode. Furthermore, the effects of resonant cavity structure, sound wave frequency, sound pressure level and sound collection tube on the performance of CH-TENG are systematically studied. Compared with previous research, the proposed CH-TENG can generates higher acoustic sensitivity per unit area and power density per unit sound pressure, because the acoustic collecting tube structure gathers more sound waves and sound wave amplification capability of the Conical Helmholtz Resonator stronger. Meanwhile, this new technique to some extent can serve as a sensor.