An Ultra-high Power Density Helmholtz Resonance Acoustic Energy Converter Based on Triboelectric Nanogenerator

Ling Liu; Hongfa Zhao; Zhenhui Lian; Hongyong Yu; Qiqi Zhang; Wenxiang Li; Minyi Xu; Xiu Xiao; NEMS. 2021, pp. 1695-1699..


Sound energy is a ubiquitous renewable energy source. How to comprehensively harvest and utilize this energy has become a hot research topic. Triboelectric Nanogenerator(TENG) can convert different forms of mechanical energy into kinetic energy, and has significant advantages in micro-nano power generation, self-driving sensing, and device performance control. This work designs an ultra-high power density Helmholtz resonant cavity based on triboelectric nanogenerator with a printed electrode(H-TENG) for harvesting acoustic energy efficiently. We proposed an optimized scheme for harvesting sound energy effectively by the special treatment of the electrode flexible film. Then we researched the structure of the resonant cavity, acoustic conditions, and the tension of flexible film, they can affect the output characteristics of the H-TENG acoustic energy converter. We find H-TENG follows the best output frequency deviation law, that is, introducing appropriate tension according to a specific sound wave range can improve the best frequency response. Compared with the best results in the early literature, the H-TENG has a high power density of 1.47 W/m2 sound pressure. The study showed that the high power output of H-TENG can light up 457 LEDs at the same time. Finally, this research also proposes the application potential of H-TENG in energy conversion and acoustic sensing.