A Self-powered Triboelectric Negative Ion Generator in Pipeline

Fangming Li, Cuiwen Deng, Minzheng Sun, Xingfu Wan, Shuowen Sun, Weipeng Xu, Taili Du, Yongjiu Zou, Haichao Yuan, Xinxiang Pan, Jianchun Mi, Minyi Xu; Nano Energy.


Indoor air quality plays a critical role in maintaining human health and well-being. In this study, a novel self-powered and high-efficiency negative air ion (NAI) generator in pipeline is proposed for air purification in the ventilation system. The self-power is achieved by utilizing a novel device of wind energy triboelectric nanogenerator (WE-TENG) to efficiently harvest wind energy in the pipeline. The present WE-TENG of investigation can reach a high rotation speed of 1300 rpm at 5.5 m/s in the pipe with a pressure drop of 175 Pa. After the power management circuit, the self-powered NAI generator is capable to drive 21 carbon-fiber electrodes to generate NAIs, with a generation rate of 23.14 μC/s. The self-powered NAI generator efficiently generates a high volume of NAIs in the pipeline, harnessing the air-purifying properties of NAIs, thereby making a significant impact on the practical application of self-powered indoor air purification systems based on TENG.