A Self-Powered and Highly Accurate Vibration Sensor Based on Bouncing-Ball Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Intelligent Ship Machinery Monitoring

Du, Taili, Xusheng Zuo, Fangyang Dong, Shunqi Li, Anaeli E. Mtui, Yongjiu Zou, Peng Zhang, Junhao Zhao, Yuewen Zhang, Peiting Sun, and Minyi Xu; Micromachines, 12, 218.


With the development of intelligent ship, types of advanced sensors are in great demand for monitoring the work conditions of ship machinery. In the present work, a self-powered and highly accurate vibration sensor based on bouncing-ball triboelectric nanogenerator (BB-TENG) is proposed and investigated. The BB-TENG sensor consists of two copper electrode layers and one 3D-printed frame filled with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) balls. When the sensor is installed on a vibration exciter, the PTFE balls will continuously bounce between the two electrodes, generating a periodically fluctuating electrical signals whose frequency can be easily measured through fast Fourier transform. Experiments have demonstrated that the BB-TENG sensor has a high signal-to-noise ratio of 34.5 dB with mean error less than 0.05% at the vibration frequency of 10 Hz to 50 Hz which covers the most vibration range of the machinery on ship. In addition, the BB-TENG can power 30 LEDs and a temperature sensor by converting vibration energy into electricity. Therefore, the BB-TENG sensor can be utilized as a self-powered and highly accurate vibration sensor for condition monitoring of intelligent ship machinery.