Research on a film-flapping triboelectric nanogenerator for wind energy harvesting (in Chinese)

YANG En, WANG Yan, WANG JianYe, WANG Chuan, LIU ChangXin, WU MengWei, MI JianChun & XU MinYi; Sci Sin Tech, 51: 684–698.


大量无线传感器网络节点的能量供给是目前限制物联网技术发展的一个瓶颈.作为新型能量收集技术,摩擦纳米发电机在环境能量收集方面有着显著优势,为解决无线传感节点供电问题提供了技术思路.本文基于摩擦纳米发电机和风致振动原理,提出并系统研究了一种薄膜拍打型摩擦纳米发电机(FF-TENG),实现了风能高效收集.本文采用仿真软件分析了薄膜拍打过程中的电场分布,利用流场显示方法展示了薄膜的运动状态.同时,研究了薄膜材料、风速、薄膜长度、薄膜串联对FF-TENG输出性能的影响规律.研究发现:随着风速提高,薄膜拍打频率增加,摩擦纳米发电机输出的短路电流增大,而输出电压和转移电荷量在风速超过4.7 m/s之后保持稳定.随着薄膜长度的增加,其拍打频率降低较快,单位长度上的发电性能呈现先增后减的规律.在双薄膜FF-TENG实验中,上游薄膜的扰动导致下游薄膜的拍打幅度更大,这使得两个短薄膜的输出电压比单个长薄膜提升了45%.通过演示实验,本文设计的薄膜拍打型摩擦纳米发电机成功地驱动了温度传感器,并点亮了至少300盏LED灯,表明其在无线传感器供电领域有着广阔的应用前景.

The power supply for numerous wireless sensor network nodes is a bottleneck that restricts the development of Internet of Things. As a new energy harvesting method, Triboelectric Nanogenerator (TENG) has significant advantages in environmental energy harvesting, which provides technical ideas for addressing the power supply problem of wireless sensor nodes. Based on the principle of Triboelectric Nanogenerator and wind-induced flutter, this study proposes and systematically investigates a film-flapping Triboelectric Nanogenerator (FF-TENG) to realize wind energy harvesting with high efficiency. Herein, the electric field distribution in the film-flapping process is analyzed through simulation software, and the flapping state of the film is displayed using flow visualization. Furthermore, the influence of film materials, wind speed, film length, and film series connection on the output of the FF-TENG is studied. Increase in wind speed increased the film-flapping frequency and the FF-TENG’s short-circuit current, whereas the open circuit voltage and transferred charges remained stable when the wind speed was higher than 4.7 m/s. Increase in the film length decreased the flapping frequency sharply, and the output performance per unit length first increased and then decreased. For the FF-TENG with double tandem films, under the excitation of the leader film, the trailer one obtained wider flapping amplitude, which increased the output voltage of the FF-TENG with two tandem short films by 45% comparing with the one with single long film. Experimentally, the FF-TENG with double tandem films powered a temperature sensor successfully, and at least 300 LED lights were lighted simultaneously, which showed that it is promising for application in the field of wireless sensor power supplements.