Structure optimization of steam ejector based on thre-dimensional numerical simulation

DONG Jing-ming,YU Meng-qi,XIA Yu-xin,GAO Jia-ming,XU Min-yi,MA Hong-bin; Journal of Thermal Science and Technology, 18(01):21-28..



Steam ejector can efectively utilize the waste heat resources,which is an energy-saving and environment-friendly fluid machine.Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)is employed to investigate the optimization of geometry parameters for design of high performance steam ejector.The efects of the Mach number at nozle exit,the length of mixing chamber,the length of constant-area section and the length of difuser on the performance of the ejector are studied by thre-dimensional numerical simulation.The simulation results show that there is an optimal length of mixing chamber.The optimal length of mixing chamber is related to the Mach number at the nozle exit.The length of constant-area section and the length of difuser have litle efect on the entrainment radio.But it plays an important role in the critical presure.The results are provided a good solution for the structure optimization of steam ejector.