High Performance and Stackable Trampoline Like-Triboelectric Vibration Energy Harvester for In-Situ Powering Sensor Node with Data Wirelessly Transmitted Over 1000-m

Hongyong Yu, Ziyue Xi, Hengxu Du, Hengyi Yang, Zian Qian, Xinyang Guo, Yuanye Guo, Yue Huang, Taili Du, Minyi Xu; Advanced Energy Materials.


Addressing the power supply challenges of wireless sensor nodes is pivotal for advancing the development of the Internet of Things (IoT). This work proposes a high performance and stackable trampoline like-triboelectric vibration energy harvester (T-TVEH) that can efficiently harvest ultra-wideband vibrational energy for in-situ powering of sensor nodes. The unique structural design and material selection enables T-TVEH to represent a breakthrough in terms of both working bandwidth and power density compared to recent research efforts of vibration energy harvesting. Specifically, the working bandwidth and the peak power density of T-TVEH is 192 Hz and 5.9 W m−2, which are higher than previous related studies by 156% and 59.2%, respectively. Based on the excellent performance of the T-TVEH, a wireless sensor node for monitoring machinery condition is constructed. Temperature, humidity, and frequency information are successfully acquired and transmitted to 1000-m through the wireless sensor node, which is nine times improved compared to related studies. Meanwhile, it achieves fully self-powered wireless operation monitoring and abnormal alarm on a real ship's marine diesel engine. Overall, this study proposed an innovative solution for in-situ power supply of wireless sensor nodes, which has broad application prospects in the field of the IOT.